Abbie Lois is a Scottish illustrator and printmaker based in Scotland, who seeks to immerse her practise within the intricacies of peoples, cultures and folklore from across the world. Her work is most often created by screen printing or lino printing. She is fascinated by traditional spoken and written narratives, and how these stories quietly and unquestionably shape subsequent generations - she tries to go straight to the source, seeking out older generations to hear their stories or current generations that still hold these stories close. She often connects her practise with nature, finding that the form of the land and seasons shape the way individual and collective lives are lived. As well as this, her practise is particularly drawn towards the role women have, and said to have had throughout history - she tries to amplify their stories through her work. The main ambitions of her work is to preserve and re-imagine folk history in a way that makes it accessible to the modern world before it becomes forgotten, and to bring people together through their similarities. She aims for each piece to hold a special place in the heart of the viewer, through gentle hand-drawn marks, minute details and soft colours.
As well as her own artistic practise, she is deeply connected with the land, and facilitates workshops which aim to connect participants with the ecology and history of the environment around them through creative practises.
Available for commissions and workshops.
Hope Scott Trust Funding, 2020
Major Commissions
PEATS Grampus Artist Residency (Participant) - 'Ancient Skills', 2020
PEATS Grampus Artist Residency (Leader) - 'Trails', 2021
PEATS Grampus Forest Guardians Residency (Leader) - 'Follow the Land' - 2021
Limerick Printmakers International Residency, 2021
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