An ancient Welsh myth, Bloeuwedd was the wife of the hero figure Lleu Llaw Gyffes. He had been cursed to never have a human wife, so in response his magicians Math and Gwydion created him one from the flowers of broom, medowsweet and oak. However, Blodeuwedd finds another lover and plots to murder Lleu. Her plan is uncovered and she is turned into an owl by Gwydion whilst she is fleeing, proclaiming:
"You will not dare to show your face ever again in the light of day ever again, and that will be because of enmity between you and all other birds. It will be in their nature to harass you and despise you wherever they find you. And you will not lose your name – that will always be "Bloddeuwedd (Flower-face)."
Original four-layer screenprint, 297x420mm.

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