An eight-day residency learning from the mountainous lands of Cyprus, with a focus on transhumance and traditional skills. The participants were led during this residency by myself on ancient trails, loosely following the modern 'E4' European long distance walking route, all the while learning from the land and its people. Walks were followed by various workshops such as traditional pottery, weaving and pigment-making.
Participant feedback:
"I'm still reflecting on our time in Cyprus. Back in the UK and straight into the hecticness of daily life, it feels like another world to remember everything we learnt about the trees, the land and the passing down of practices through generations and centuries. But the memories have been giving me a feeling of calm and connection to a different way of being that feels very good for the soul.
I feel so grateful for everything I learnt and the chance to meet you all. Particular thanks to Martin and Abbie for sharing your knowledge and stories, I didn't expect to leave with such a strong connection to Cyprus and to see the landscape with new eyes."
"For me the most valuable aspect of the trip was connecting to the area in a truly immersive and embodied way - building a relationship to the land by following its tracks & trails, eating from the trees, using its materials to make rope, paint pigment, pots and votives, meeting the locals and learning about their crafts, hearing local stories, sharing abundant knowledge, questions and ideas, visiting places of worship, planting trees, swimming in the ocean, sharing incredible feasts, local wine and singing together. 
Despite it being a short trip, I feel that all of these collective experiences contributed to a deep and meaningful connection with the land, and helped to develop a strong and holistic sense of place - which also encompasses an understanding of the threats the people, the land and its species face."

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