A month-long traditional skills residency in the village of Pano Lefkara; hosted by Martin Clark, director of Grampus Heritage. 

Hand-painted clay vessel. During a workshop with local artist Peter Bird, I chose to depict an interpretation of the birth of Aphrodite, incorporating motifs relevant to the local region throughout.

A painted sun and moon for an installation project for the village centre of Pano Lefkara, Cyprus. The piece has been painted on to a discarded, broken wooden table from the local dump. The idea of the project was to up-cycle  discarded items to use for an installation themed around mythical beasts relevant to the ancient myths of the region. 

Griffin mosaic inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman mosaics of Paphos, Cyprus. The mosaic has been created using reclaimed tiles, pieces from previous mosaics and items found in the local dump of Pano Lefkara, Cyprus. 

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