I host printmaking workshops for adults where they can print their own design in 3 ½ hr sessions. 
I offer a fun and relaxing session where participants will;
- be given a theme and a range of imagery to use as inspiration such as books, still life and previously carved and printed examples
- be shown a range of ways in how they will lay out their design on their chosen surface using repeat or random patterns
- be provided scrap lino to use as test pieces, and given guidance on how to use the different gouges
- be provided with lino for creating their final designs
- be provided with other materials such as tracing paper, paper, pen and pencils, scissors, shape templates, tape, scrap paper for test prints
- be given a final surface to print on, which depends on the workshop, but can be printmaking paper, flat fabric or cotton tote bags
These workshops are ideal for those who haven't tried lino-printing before, or those who haven't done so for a while and would like a refresher. They're perfect as an activity for families, friends or partners, and you will leave the session with your design to frame for your wall, gift to a loved one or wear (and most importantly, you'll leave with confidence in your creativity!).

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